About Us

NW Car Ads reaches out to thousands of buyers each day that are in the market of purchasing a new/used car. All Vehicles advertised on NW Car Ads are owned by Private Parties (for sale by owner), We are not dealers just an advertising agency that offers car advertising service. We got some good deals and prices on cars/trucks/suv’s that you can possibly find in the North West. We Work with all Classifieds websites, Craigslist, eBay Classifieds and much more.

Terms & Conditions

Our inventory is advertised in multiple publications. We advertise for people that want their cars sold. We have no connection to the seller’s. All we do is advertise with the owners information/photos of the automobile. All vehicles are sold as is. Unless you agree with the owner/seller on some other terms. All buyer’s are welcome to inspect the vehicles. Please contact the owner/seller to set up further arrangements.


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Contact Us
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